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une plate-forme Word et Web

Why do it yourselfs



Why create and manage to you your Internet site


Michel FOUILLADE has long experience of small and medium-sized undertakings. He noted that, so more and more people use a PC, that does not make any therefore the experts in data processing.

However they control and use regularly the tools office automation such as WORD.

More and more of people seek on Internet that which they need. To have a window on Internet now becomes more for one company.

Many companies propose to create your Internet site with some pages and according to a presentation to be chosen among a list. If the basic price is low, these company are caught up with on the costs of lodging and maintenance.

What occurs you it when you wish to change 3 times of continuation into one week the contents of a page? It is necessary to address each time to the administrator of the site which will quickly make you understand that it does not have only that to make.

It is for that that Michel FOUILLADE created this platform Word et Web to allow you to create and manage your Internet site yourself and at a very weak.

You create your pages Internet with Word. Of a click you generate your window on your microphone and from another click you transfer your window on Internet



Windows, Word and Excel are trade marks by Microsoft.